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Houseplant Tour

Trying to maintain the post-a-week rhythm so this week I have a tour of all those houseplants I mentioned last week.

When we lived in Huntington Beach, we acquired through the years, several plumeria which I raised into annually stunning specimens. It took me a while to get the hang of their rotation and water needs. Despite that in looking back I truly wish we’d decided to bring them with us, I’m glad that the neighbor to whom we bequeathed them is probably enjoying them immensely to this day. Last weekend while at the Hawaiian nursery I picked up a little cutting. She may not bloom this year as she’s just now establishing her root system, but I look forward to seeing her come into her own.


Our second (through fourth) batch of paperwhites this year, these three little guys are just emerging from their stones. After enjoying our first batch, a gift from my folks when they visited, throughout the entire month of December, we decided to try another few batches and spread their amazing scent around the house. I love, love, love forced bulbs in winter!


In the days leading up to our taking down the Christmas tree, I remarked to Paige how I would miss having a live tree in the house. It was with that thought in mind that I came upon these exciting palms at Home Depot and decided to bring one home. It’s a bit dry right now, despite our watering it sufficiently, but as we have to run the heater so frequently right now there’s not really another way around it. I’m really hoping we don’t manage to kill it before summer arrives.
Dwarf Palm

The lemon was the first house plant we bought when we arrived in Durham. It has given us about 15 or 20 lemons in the past three years, but this last year it was in recovery mode as we’d had to prune it quite extensively. As you can see, it’s healthy again and working to get itself back on track.


The smell of Jasmine is something we miss here in North Carolina. It’s not that folks don’t have it around, it’s just that when it’s in the height of health during the summer months, we can’t bear to take our butts outside to enjoy it. Now, we may not have to.

If we manage to kill every other house plant, this one will still likely survive. The Mother-in-law’s tongue can thrive in the darkest closet as long as it receives occasional water. It’s the “safety school” of our house plant explosion.
Sansevieria (Mother-in-law's Tongue)


I’ve never had one of these prayer plants before (so-named because it folds its leaves up into a “prayer” position at night and opens them back out during the day), but it’s been a clever little thing to have on the table the last few days. I’m looking forward to getting to know it better.
Prayer Plant


For color in the green room, it’s hard to beat this cyclamen. And it looks absolutely gorgeous in that pot! As the only thing blooming right now, it really stands out with those purple petals. It also has very pretty leaves.


So,  that’s it for our house plants. What do you have going on this winter?

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