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Happy Perihelion

Today we are at Perihelion, when the earth is the closest to the sun it will be all year. If you have a telescope that can look at the sun, you will note (because you’re that good) that the sun is 3% larger than when it is at Aphelion in July, when it is furthest from us. Phil Plait, the Bad Astronomer, has far more information about this than I could dig up, even if I even had astronomy texts at my disposal. Suffice to say, I wanted a bit more info about today — whether auspicious or inauspicious — so I turned to the Farmer’s Almanac. According to that resource, it is a bad day to plant seeds as crops sewn today will grow poorly and yield little (though we’re coming up on good planting days starting tomorrow, if you’re in South Florida, South Texas or parts of California — or, if you have a cold frame). It’s not a good day for fishing, though it is apparently a good day to castrate farm animals, cut hair or grass or shrubs to “retard growth”, and even a good day to wash wooden floors and windows.

As today is my last day of vacation before the work year starts, I will do some yard clean up, and possibly do some light cleaning… maybe even of a window or two. I hope I don’t accidentally retard anything I didn’t mean to… Happy Perihelion!

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