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Farm Table Project

One of the first things we bought when we moved to Durham was a farm table for our back room.  We wanted to use it as a dining or project table but it turned out that it wasn’t real great for  either.  The height was sort of awkward to stand at (though it was great at parties), and the under side was too deep to sit at for eating — the surface was nearly at your chest.  We needed a plan though, because we loved how it looked.  Just the perfect blend of rustic and stylish  That’s when it hit us: we’ll cut the legs off.

Not really in-line with the PA Skill Set ethos, but it’s a way of upcycling your own stuff so that it doesn’t end up back out on the street. We loved the idea of the table, but in practice, it was a failure. We wanted to change that.

Flowers on the table

The room itself had to come together before we did that, and we needed a vision for seating and the cookbooks. We ended up finding a great little shelf on Craigslist for $10, a cute mirror at the thrift store, and really nice Japanese style zabuton (floor pillows) from J-List.com.

Low Dining Table

It totally changed the dynamic and usefulness of the room.  Now we can sit at the table (not a problem since we are yoga teachers) and it’s a great height for our little one, for when she starts to pull herself up or want to color, etc.  We still love our dining table and looking out the big picture window in the living room but the “green house” feeling of our back room now, with the low farm table is really singing our names.

Angle with Japanese Zabuton

Much improved

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